Dry garden

A smokey variation in foliage form and color.


Russian sage, Verbena bonariensis, Mexican Feather grass, Miscanthus, purple and grey plant combination design by Giardino Segreto

A weathered trough used as a water feature nestled within clipped buxus and small agave - perfect for a mediterranean garden

Simple contrasts spark garden interest: Scott Shrader edged a seventeenth-century stone water trough. with elegant, sheared boxwoods and ‘Blue Glow’ agaves. the trough features a bronze spigot from La Maison Francaise Antiques, Inc that’s a replic

If you live in a dry climate, expect to see water-saving gardening projects like this one.

Top 10 Summer Sun-Loving Perennials

If you live in a dry climate, expect to see water-saving gardening projects like…

Game Keepers Cottage by Daniel Shea (13)

Game Keepers Cottage by Daniel Shea

An oak pergola, weathered to an attractive silver gray, ushers visitors down a York stone pathway. A glazed ceramic urn provides a focal point at the end.

Lavender, rosemary and thyme

Purples of the lavender and purple sage, Rosemary in the background (Briarwood Landscapes - Petworth, West Sussex)

12 Plants to Bring Light and Movement to Dry Shade

12 beautiful perennials and grasses to bring softness, light and movement into dry shade - the most difficult of landscapes to plant successfully.

Nice placement of the large and small integrating plant life and the lines of the deck. Bravo!

Nice placement of the large and small integrating plant life and the lines of the deck.

Vivid drought tolerant plantings . Grace Design Associates

Colorful plant palette – drought tolerant plantings – low water – shadow play (tall one with red flowers is Kangaroo Paw--Anigozanthos flavidus)

This combination of plants won't overwinter in Colorado, but consider the textures and shapes in the leaves-- hardy agaves, yuccas, joshua trees, sedums, and sempervivums would make a spectacular low-water garden.

Natural Backyard Landscaping Ideas, Save Money Creating Wildlife Friendly Garden Designs

best garden designs: desert dreaming If you live in a hot climate, consider a garden scheme that is native to the region. Here, a wide array of succulents and cacti create a pleasing desert - Gardening Worlds

Xeriscaping – landscape (an area) in a style which requires little or no irrigation. Xeriscaping is a water conservation concept that originated in Colorado and now spreading across the United States. The term Xeriscape is a combination of two Greek words – xeros meaning dry, and scape meaning view. It is not the same as “zero-scaping”, [...]

Xeriscaping, Drought Tolerant Land Cover

combining texture, shape, colour - Native Agave Garden "native to the southern and western United States, Mexico and central and tropical South America"

Love the stone walls, the Cupressus sempervirens 'Pyramidalis' and all the lovely hummocky cushions of lavender, santolina etc

Have to go with xeriscaping and low water in the cottage garden. Like these plants in the Jardin Toledo Gravel garden, xeriscaping, dry garden, mediterranean garden.

Low-Maintenance Gardens

If time is a concern, design a garden that will be lower maintenance. Use easy care solutions for walkways, plantings and flower beds. - Flower Beds and Gardens