Ducati Scrambler 2015 ! 800cm3 - 75 ch (55.2 kW) à 8 250 tr/min et 6.9 m/kg à 5 750 tr/min, 6 vitesses - 192kg tout pleins faits

- 75 ch kW) A 8 250 tr/min et m/kg A 5 750 tr/min, 6 vitesses - tout pleins faits


Ducati Scrambler Dirt Tracker

As the Ducati Scrambler starts rolling into Aussie showrooms, Ducati Thailand’s top engineers have created a Dirt Tracker version showing the possibilities for personalisation.

Ducati Scrambler Apparel Ropita

Inventive, youthful and free-spirited, the new Ducati Scrambler is much more than a bike, It’s a land of joy, freedom and self-expression.

Ducati Scrambler - Classic

Some say our Ducati Scrambler windshield is the best on the market. The Classic Dart Flyscreen not only fits perfectly and looks amazing but also works well.