Rock Cycle Interactive Notebook

Erosion vs Weathering ~ Awesome Science STEM Activities

STEM ACTIVITY -Be sure and visit our "What is the Difference between Weathering and Erosion?" post after you read this "Erosion vs Weathering ~ Awesome Science STEM Activities" post because they go hand-in-hand.

5+ activities for learning about Layers of the Earth

Suzie's Home Education Ideas: activities for learning about Layers of the Earth Alyson LOVES this site - lots of good science mini-units perfect for our homeschool

Plate Tectonics: Earth Science Interactive Notebook

Introducing Earth Science Interactive Notebooks - Plate Tectonics from Nitty Gritty Science! Great way to get students interacting.

Earthquake Experiments

Help your students understand the effects of an earthquake during your fast and slow changes of the earth unit! This science experiment is perfect for engaging your students and it's a hands-on activity!

STEM Club ~ Plate Tectonics

In this simple modeling plate tectonics activity, students will model each of the different types of interactions at plate boundaries. Geology at its best! For earth science

Start the school year off right with this FREE first chapter of The Earth Science Interactive Notebook series: Intro to Earth Science. ************************************************************************* NOTE: This chapter

Can YOU Stop Erosion

Earth Science: Engage students with these simple, fun hands-on science experiments that explore the earth science concept of erosion! Check out these engaging ideas and activities!

This elementary science experiment creates a wave box that demonstrates how earthquake waves can travel through solid materials as they travel away from the focus of an earthquake .

7 Ideas to Teach Slow Changes: Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition

Make Your Own Ocean Zones in a Jar

Create a model of Ocean Zones (layers of the ocean) using a jar and several household ingredients! Objectives: Identify the different layers of the ocean. Describe what lives in each layer of the ocean. Use small motor skills to pour objects into the jar.

Inside out Playdough Earth - Part of hands on homeschool Earth Science unit. Also love the taking a core sample idea! This could be used in a few different grades but could be good for a grade Earth Layer activity.