Eastern front ww2

"Germania" 5.div SS Wiking , mg34 , 1941.

Waffen SS Division Wiking- Wiking trooper operating a in a fire fight on the eastern front, Operation

'Operation Barbarossa' 1941. For the German soldier, the sheer vastness of Russia turned initial feelings of success into one of despair.  Racing forward day after day, week after week, the German soldier found nothing but grassland. The Russian's implementation of a 'scorched earth' policy, added to the frustration.  The gradual realisation of the immensity of the country made the German troops feel alone and truly 'insignificant'.

World War Two Black and White photos that are researched and colourised in detail by 'Doug Banks' using Photoshop software on an iMac computer.

Eastern front WW2, pin by Paolo Marzioli

The Eastern Front - Russian homes burnt down by the Germans, 1944

Exhausted Wehrmacht troopers travelling in convoy on a BMW R12 and sidecar of the 2./Motorcycle Infantry Company, 8th Panzer Division, somewhere on the Eastern Front in 1941.

Exhausted Wehrmacht troopers travelling in convoy on a BMW and sidecar of the Infantry Company, Panzer Division, somewhere on the Eastern Front in During the campaigns that spread across Europe and into the Soviet Union,.

Wehrmacht (Heer) Stug Commander Eastern Front.

German Sturmgeschütz (Assault Gun) tank commander on the central Russian Front. He's wearing radio operators equipment. You can clearly see his Iron Cross Class Ribbon.

2 Germans weary soldiers on the Eastern Front, 1942, Russia. Powerful photo. ———– 2 soldats Allemands exténués sur le front de l'Est, Russie, 1942. La photo parle d'elle même.

================== Two Wehrmacht soldiers in the Ukraine. =================== Två Wehrmacht soldater i Ukraina.

Soldier WW2

Waffen SS Soldier amid the ruins on the Russian steppes of the Eastern Front WWII.

crazy sniper b_ _ _h  WWII - Ost front  - Red army

Red Army sniper note fabric covering on rifle barrel to soften lines.

Progression en milieu hostile pour ces soldats de la Wehrmacht.

Germany's war tactic in World War II continued to be blitzkrieg, which is quick, effective, and intense military campaign intended to bring about multiple victories. This photo shows this military tactic by the Germans.