23 Recipes That Will Feed Your Inner Flower Child

Your Guide To Edible Flowers

“I must have flowers, always and always.” –Claude Monet Nothing says springtime in the south like the burst of colorful flowers that appear just as the weathe

Ultimate guide to edible flowers

Ultimate guide to edible flowers. Good for cakes and pastries, salads and drinks!

Easily Identify Edible Flowers With The Help of This Graphic

Edible flowers are more than pretty decoration, and can bring major flavor to a dish—I once had some that tasted like garlic—but I will admit I have a hard time identifying them. Luckily, this graphic from Lucky Peach can help with that.

Sugar and Charm's Edible Flower Chart

Sugar and Charm's Edible Flower Chart - Sugar and Charm - sweet recipes - entertaining tips - lifestyle inspiration - g-flowers.

17 Smart Ways to Use an Ice-Cube Tray

Edible flower ice cubes: raspberry, herbs, lavender, mint, clover - and more foraging ideas. Want to do mint!

Edible Flower Cookies

Mother's Day and Easter - These edible flower cookies are so pretty your guest won't know whether to eat them or stash them in their pockets ;

Edible Flower Petals Are Preserved in These Unique Lollipops

Janet Best (of Sugar Bakers Bakery) has perfected the uncommon art of flower lollipops. Using high-quality ingredients and edible flowers, Best jokes, "It

Foto "pinnata" da Silvia Magazzini Easy DIY Lollipops With Edible Flowers (click through for recipe)

9 Reasons You Should Start Eating Lilacs… Yes, Lilacs

Popsicles are so fun to make! They& even more fun to eat! Forget buying pre-made popsicles and use these tips for making some awesome homemade treats. DIY Rainbow Popsicles Rainbow popsicles are amazing.

Goat Cheese with Edible Flowers and Arugula

When you have a bunch of edible blossoms, let their vibrant colors do the work for you. Simply mix chopped flowers (petals and leaves) into softened goat cheese, then shape into rounds and pat more fl (Round Cheese Table)

Lavender Shortbread with Fruits, Flowers, and Herbs

Mother's Day and Easter; Cookies/biscuits for tea amenity - Edible flower cookies. Fun idea for little girl party or achievement days or just having a fun thing to do with the kiddos.