Edward Hopper | automat 1927

Edward Hopper automat 1927 This is another work by Hopper that depicts a time when a lot of people were moving out of small towns and into big cities to live and work.

It seems straightforward, but "Nighthawks" is a deceptively simple piece of art.  15 Things You Might Not Know About 'Nighthawks' | Mental Floss

15 Things You Might Not Know About Nighthawks

Edward Hopper "Nighthawks" 1942 A popular reading of the piece focuses on "wartime isolation." But For Hopper, it was about feeling alone in a crowd

Edward Hopper - room with a view. Forgotten about Hopper. One of my favourites. Makes me feel like I'm spying on people!

Edward Hopper >>> The first one is an actual Hopper. The others are faux Hopper, set up for photo shoots for Italian Vogue.

Rooms By The Sea - Edward Hopper

workman: “an-art-gallery: Rooms By The Sea, 1951 Edward Hopper ”

Jusqu’au 6 octobre dernier le Whitney Museum of American Art à New York proposait une exposition qui montrait les croquis et dessins réalisés par Edward Hopper pour préparer quelques unes de ses peintures les plus célèbres. Il y a plus de tableaux avec les dessins corresponda

Les croquis d'Edward Hopper

Hopper, Edward New York Movie 1939 Oil on canvas 32 ¼ x 40 in. The Museum of Modern Art, New York ___ “For the artist she’s a play of light, and a play of light is all about her. Whether the.

Edward Hopper  a portrait: Gayle on the F train

leopoldetbonaparte: Edward Hopper‘Art is a line around your thoughts.’— Gustav Klimt this is actually by Nigel van Wieck

Edward Hopper, Night Windows 1929

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My Dear Mr. Hopper: The Story Starts Here,’ at the Edward Hopper ...

‘My Dear Mr. Hopper: The Story Starts Here,’ at the Edward Hopper House Art Center in Nyack

Here's the second installment of Emoji Nation by Ukrainian artist, Nastya Nudnik. As a tribute to Edward Hopper, Nudnik pairs ubiquitous Emoji and social media icons with Hopper's famous paintings. The result is quite amusing.