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Ombre Hair Color Trends - Is The Silver #GrannyHair Style

Edwardian Hairstyles: A collection of Edwardian photographs depicting some of the hairstyles of the time, like the Low Pompadour, Hatpin Hairstyle, Side-Swirls, Flapper & the Pompadour.

Coco Chanel… the deathblow to the corseted female silhouette and the beginnings of the modern woman.  Thanks for ditching the corsets, ma'am!  Now we can wear em when we wanna, not coz we gatta!

Coco Chanel in Gabrielle "Coco" Bonheur Chanel was a French fashion designer and founder of the Chanel brand. She was the only fashion designer to be named on Time The Most Important People of the Century.

Edwardian hair-do

1910 hair, Psyche Knot (Old fashioned hair tutorial.) hair tutorials go back a wee bit farther than I thought :)

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The History of the Flapper, Part 4: Emboldened by the Bob

The beautiful Billie Burke, who was so much more than "Glinda the Good" in her long acting career!

American actress, Billie Burke (she played Glinda the Good Witch in the "Wizard of Oz"). She was fortunate to have a lot of hair for this Gibson girl hairstyle.

Hairstyle from early 1900's. My style resembled this one when my hair was long! I love these looks, another reason why bobby bins are my best friend.

Edwardian glamour postcard showing a model with a fashionable bandeau headdress in the Grecian style. The Spanish Comb on Ruby Lane.

1880s gorgeousness.  Aida Overton Walker

vintagebeauties: Aida Overton Walker

Aida Overton Walker – also billed as Ada Overton Walker and as "The Queen of the Cakewalk", was an African-American vaudeville performer and wife of George Walker.