Floral Embroidered Leather Jacket styled by Dani of Shikshin.com

Lace dress leather jacket no sleeves – Dresses store

Embroidered Leather Jacket - New Season - Clothing - Topshop

Embroidered Leather Jacket - New In Fashion - New In

uh-la-la-land: Gucci | Polifigeur

uh-la-la-land: Gucci

When I saw THIS hand painted, embroidered, studded leather jacket go down the runway at Gucci Spring 2016, I was obsessed. So I decided to do a DIY version. I found an inexpensive leather jacket and then I used acrylic paint to paint a floral pattern all over. Success. Get th

Gucci Inspired DIY

hand painted Gucci-inspired jacket [anum tariq] there is leather/pleather paint that one can use as well.