Creamy Mac & Cheese Soup Recipe - Great New Take on an Old Favorite

12 Top Emergency Preparedness Items We Need

12 Top Emergency Preparedness Items by Food Storage Moms. Great ideas for preppers and anyone who doesn't want to be left out in the cold and hungry!

25 Emergency Preparedness Items to get at the dollar store

Emergency Preparedness can quickly get expensive. But if you know what you can buy at the dollar store, you can put the money you save toward bigger ticket items without impacting your budget.

Are you missing one of these emergency preparedness items? You might be surprised!

Creamy Mac & Cheese Soup Recipe - Great New Take on an Old Favorite

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Shut-off wrench: If you have natural gas power in your home, it will need to be shut-off. Otherwise it's a safety hazard. 20 Emergency Preparedness Items You Might Not Think Of (And the resources to purchase them frugally): good list

50 Survival Items You Forgot To Buy

AWESOME LIST: 37 Things You Should HOARD In Case of a Crisis : it takes only 3 hours after a crisis for these grocery items to be sold out. This is an awesome list.

There are many survival preparedness items that you can store now, and “forget” about, which you may need later during varying degrees of an emergency.By no means is this intended to be all inclusive. It’s intended to get you thinking.

150 Preparedness Items You Need to Stock

How to Prep for Feminine Hygiene Needs

Emergency /Disaster preparedness ~ Items to include in your Plan, Bug out Bag, Survival kit ~ or simply to consider for barter & trading

List of Non-Food Survival Items to Stockpile

List of Non-Food Survival Items to Stockpile for emergency preparedness. sorry to break it to you: stockpiling food isn’t going to be enough to get you through a long-term disaster. Here is a list of non-food items you will also need to stockpil

Emergency Preparedness - 3 Minute Kits - This is a great first step towards emergency prep - this kit goes on the side of your bed and has what you need to get out of your house in case of an emergency. We altered our slightly for my special kiddos.

50 Organizing Tips for Food Storage & Emergency Supplies