Students need to identify and understand traits and feelings of characters in stories with these Emoji activities. Students will identify character traits/feelings and use text evidence to support their choices. Vocabulary cards, picture cards, writing activities, graphic organizers and synonym posters are all included so the students can easily understand character traits and feelings.

Character Traits and Feelings - Emoji Edition

The emoji movie - is a fan art. All copyrights to the heroes do not belong to us, but to their creators. We sell smiley face, which was drawn by our designer, having been inspired by emoji movie characters.   The file you can use to create: • decorating, • overlays, • cricut design, • beautiful vinyl and decals, • decoupage, • greeting cards, • scrapbooking, • home decor, • mugs and t-shirts, • printing and posters and other.  What do you get?  With the quick download you get 10 digital…

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