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40+ Gift Ideas for Nurses That Are Uniquely Awesome

girlinwhitecoat: One morning with arrhythmias and my heart starts missing a beat. Non-native speaker comment : Arrhythmia is a word with awful spelling.

Types of Shock Cheat Sheet

Types of Shock Cheat Sheet

Comparison of different types of shock – Hypovolemic, Cardiogenic, Neurogenic, Anaphylactic and Septic. Help a Fellow Nurse! Share This Cheatsheet with Someone Who Also Could Use Help

A Facebook find! A visual of the skeletal system. Please see my facebook page for proper credit to the poster of this photo.

Art in Human Form Them Bones, Them Bones. Skeleton drawn with the bone names.

The Difference between Heart Attack and Cardiac Arrest. Remember that when you share this knowledge you could save a life. Did you know that a Portable Defibrillator can help a person suffering from a sudden cardiac arrest? Do you know how to use one? We explain you here: #aed #portable #defibrillator #cardiac #arrest #heart #attack #emt #ems

The 4 Best Portable Defibrillators and Which to Buy

A portable defibrillator or AED is small and lightweight, easy enough for a child to use, and proven to save lives of victims of a sudden cardiac arrest

Blood pressure range by age. Must know information for EMTs, RNs, LPNs, and CNAs!

As a medical professional, you’ll need to have a good grasp on normal (and abnormal) vital signs. While some vitals, like body temperature, vary li.