Envelope design- I'm using this tomorrow as we write letters to our reading buddies thanking them for helping us become better readers!

basic card envelope template from mirkwood designs

how to make an envelope for 5x11 card | Cut paper to 8-1/2" x 11" to fit in your computer printer. Print ...

pushing the envelopes: make an envelope

fold design

folding up baby blue invitation letter wedding innovation

Make Your Own Cute Box Envelopes - Free Printable Template by Paper and Landscapes

Make Your Own Cute Box Envelopes - Free Printable Template by Paper and Landscapes Mais

super simple folded envelopes - tutorial

16 Dirt Cheap & Easy DIY Projects To Make At Home

DIY: super simple folded envelopes - tutorial by Kaija Rantakari…

Envelopes in spruce green, olive green, pink, ochre, cream, and black.

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Origami heart envelope                                                                                                                                                      More

Origami heart envelope Más ( can change to burger or etc )

Nice personalized Stationary Particularly Envelopes

Every Sugar Paper envelope is custom-made with our signature flap and blind embossed with the logo. We're serious about paper.


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Greetings card made with six mini envelopes.The mini envelopes are hand made from the pages of a Jane Austen novel - one of our favourites, and perhaps the most romantic, Sense & Sensibility! They are attached to a greetings card and supplied with six blank mini notecards - so you can fill in six of the many reasons you love your other half! Comes with six mini heart stickers with which to seal your envelopes. Need some inspiration for your notes? How about: You're really kind You are my ...

Six Love Note Mini Envelope Valentine's Card

Six Love Letter Mini Envelope Valentines Card