Full catalog of 3d floor art and self-leveling floor, flooring ideas 2015

A complete guide for how to choose the painted concrete floor type for your home or garage floor, acrylic, polyurethane and epoxy concrete floor paint, expert tips which you should consider when painting concrete floors, How to paint concrete floors

Most of garage flooring colors come into brown, black, grey or light brown. So here are some garage floor paint ideas to make your garage looks so perfect and

Learn how to prevent your epoxy floor from peeling with these 7 professional tips. Includes acid etching and grinding tips for concrete preparation of epoxy.

Why Garage Floor Epoxy Peels Up and How to Prevent It

Why Rust-Oleum and Quikrete epoxy paint kits don't deserve the bad reputation that they tend to get. Learn how to get the performance that you pay for.

Do the whole damn thing in pennies. Haha! That should add a bit of weight when pulling the bad boy.

The Best DIY Flooring Ideas of Pinterest

Penny floor - concrete base painted black, took skirting boards off, pva glued…

How to paint and stencil tile...Cement tile look-a-like

How to Paint & Stencil Tile

How to paint and stencil tile...Cement tile look-a-like


epoxy floors using angled photos and multiple transparent layers to turn your bathroom into an outdoor space. Imperial, a company from Dubai, has cornered the floor design market

Polished concrete and Decorative Epoxy Concrete Photos - Concrete Art-FX Inc

With all the flooring options available today, there is one that is growing in popularity that you may not have considered, epoxy flooring.

Dolphins, sharks and coral reefs -  these 3D bathroom floors will blow your mind

Forget tropical holidays - these 3D bathroom floors will blow your mind

Epoxy Flooring in Dubai Epoxy Floors - a new technology for flooring manufacturing. An incredibly huge selection of colors and materials to create them suggests that this method is a promising device and popular lately.