Names: Carlos and Diego || Ages: 17 || Ability: flight (brothers)

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{Grayson and Ethan Dolan} hey I'm Ethan and this is Grayson! Jaceys our sister but she won't admit it *laughs* intro?

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They grow up so fast! I will love him forever

The Evolution of Ethan Dolan. His eyebrows and hair are really the only things that change in this picture.

And age plus Grayson is my twin and Ethan is my friend's twin

And age😭 plus Grayson is my twin and Ethan is my friend's twin

Ethan Dolan & Grayson Dolan❤️❤️❤️❤️

The Dolan twins ❤ ok. Applause for their parents!😱👌 love the Dolan twins!

omg me and andy!!!!! <3 my best friend would totally say that crap... 6 years is not a big age difference my parents are seven years apart, i will forever hold hope!!!!!!!!!!!

I Hope and pray but can only dream because they are years older than me. ///// ha like this will ever happen! He's 12 years older than me! I'm toast! I just need to wait for a band with a hot guy that's in my age range! Yup done! ALL PLANNED!

oh philly

oh philly