Evil Mermaid makeup

Image detail for -Dark Mermaid by ~Robyn-Jane on deviantART Makeup inspiration for my Halloween costume this year

Horror fan: Much of Emily's art is inspired by mythical creatures, including her evil merm...

Hollywood make-up artist paint terrifying creatures on her own face

I think I'll leave y'all with this to ponder on....but it has to do with the TLM

Tamora reminds me of a Siren, a creature of myth if only for her beauty and the cruelty, wickedness and cunning that lie beneath.


First pic there's a caution sign saying piraña mermaids and…

Image detail for -the first known mermaid stories appeared in assyria ca 1000

Mermaids (Fae of the Day - Mermaids are a type of water Fae. They’re extremely dangerous. They usually live in seas, but they can live in lakes and rivers, as well.

Evil Mermaids Wall Tapestry. #illustration #landscape #painting #love

Evil Mermaids Wall Tapestry

Evil Mermaids Wall Tapestry. #illustration #landscape #painting #love

Image 18- This would be a great technique to put along side of the octopus theme as it has that look of the tentacles. It also carries that wet look and it could be something to try. This technique could be done with wax or hair spray to set those shapes

Photo (I don't want realism.)