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ezra miller / sirius black. [Altho decidedly 'feminine' in certain ways (which I love in myself and others, too), I am not defined by the 'femme' role. I'm a bit worried that that's where you're wanting me. But here's my truth: The older I get, the more I become who I really am... i.e., Androgyny is alive and well in my being. You probably should consider that seriously at this point in time...

Androgyny and Gender Fluidity

Just the kind of androgyny that I LOVE! nyctaeus: Ezra Miller for Paper Magazine by Autumn De Wilde

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Star Of The Much-Anticipated Fall Film Comes Out

“I’m queer,” he says, simply. Ezra Miller, Out magazine September 2012 I love him.

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Ezra Miller as Johnny in The Boy Who Sneaks In My Bedroom Window