A move to Dubai on the horizon? Know your new culture with this infographic!

Make sure to be well informed on your new home's culture. If a move to Dubai is in your future, check out this guide to be fully prepared.

Still being able to eat chips is probably one of the best things about being on Slimming World. In fact, since starting just over a year ago I’ve definitely eaten more chips than I ever would…

Syn Free Garlic & Herb Chips

Syn Free Garlic & Herb Chips - Slimming World - Syn Free - Healthy Baking - Parsley - Garlic - Salt & Pepper Chips - Fakeaway Recipe - Fakeaway Ideas - Easy Slimming World Recipe

The fact that people think this is a "medieval punishment" makes me cringe. Maybe you should just refrain from raping, and you won't have to worry about it.

Medieval Device

Funny pictures about Medieval Device. Oh, and cool pics about Medieval Device. Also, Medieval Device photos.

The Travelettes Guide to Tel Aviv | travelettes.net

The Travelettes Guide to Tel Aviv

I desperately want to go to TelAviv next! Sand dunes, camels and oriental markets, or glassy high risers, cats and crazy nightlife – what is your idea of Tel Aviv? Having met Israelis before, I knew Tel

jamie's mum's gorgeous chocolate pudding | Jamie Oliver | Food | Jamie Oliver (UK)

Jamie's Mum's gorgeous chocolate pudding Try it with custard instead of Christmas pud Trust me when I tell you that this is one mind-blowingly chocolately pudding – totally indulgent

Jensen Ackles - not the best actor in that his role is very one dimensional but not seen him in many films at all

Jensen Ackles looking Smokin.I believe this is a manip of Jensen/Chris Pine photo, but it' so awesome I pinned it to Jensen's board anyway!

A PERFECT packing list you say? BIG CLAIMS Lucy. Well, genuinely, I actually think I smashed it on this trip. I wore every single item at least once, and I didn’t have a single tantrum about not having an appropriate outfit to wear. And this was despite the fact that our one week in Jordan was jam packed full of a plethora of activities that required different outfits.Click here to read all about what I packed.

The PERFECT Female Packing List For Jordan


13 Fascinating Facts about Ancient Egypt

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