Can you imagine a little kid coming across this? Fun! KLF Tree House, The Enchanted Wood photo via ilaurens

Gnome homes in root at base of tree; "Tree House, The Enchanted Wood photo via ilaurens"

This is Ellsmera the elf city. [ ]The housed are made out of trees and nature is breathtaking.

Kelsey's Favorite Places to Visit and Foods to Eat!

The Forest City, a secret place where mystical forest creatures can stay, safe and hidden.

really pretty colors.

love-light-and-zion Where beautiful things grow; between the cracks of darkness where the light shines through… ~Charlotte (PixieWinksFairyWhispers)

**The beginning of a fairy land... fairy sink made from a shell in the mirror and wood for the sink. So small and cute.

Fairy sink - shell - **The beginning of a fairy land. fairy sink made from a shell in the mirror and wood for the sink.

This sweet and beautiful young fairy is holding out her arms to feel the pull of her own magical self. She is learning how to focus her powers and use them for the forces of good in nature!

Really cool and awesome collection of Angels & Fantasies. Angels are highly evolved spiritual beings. The angels are appointed by the source (or God) to help… – page 151

Dinosaur garden outdoor play area

Small World Play: Construction Site


Charmed Woodlands, this picture would be so pretty in Nat's room

Liberty Art Fabrics Fairy Land Tana Lawn Cotton | Fabric |

Closest thing to a pink, flowery cape I can find. (The One thing Zelda hates wearing.

Not all Minecraft projects have to be architectural. Students can create sculpture projects in their Minecraft world.

my friend said it was impossible to remake this.ill prove her wrong soon enough (insert sly face)