Faith / Hope Anchor Necklace

Whether ye be a pirate, a sailor, or just a common landlubber, ye should love my anchor necklace! Inspired by traditional tattoo art, this anchor and nautical star design is available in two styles - Faith or Hope.

faith / hope ambigram

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Faith hope love Corinthians 13:13 Anchor tattoo - I never thought I'd ever like a tattoo but this one is sweet.

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Faith hope love Corinthians Anchor tattoo Artist: Kris Patay - Owner The Art House Tattoo Co.

Best Faith Hope Love Tattoo Designs

Best Faith Hope Love Tattoo Designs

I'm getting this tattoo on the back of my right hip (not a tramp stamp) it says "faith, hope, love)

Red Color Faith Hope Love Chinese Kanji Decal Car Window Art Macbook Laptop Home Decor Bike Notebook Adhesive Vinyl Wall Art Auto Die Cut Vinyl Wall Decor Helmet