Falling leaves

When autumn winds blow,     not one leaf remains     the way it was.       —Togyu's death poem.

I love the pictures of falling leaves. Pictures like these make you realize how powerful photograph is with its ability to freeze time and hold a moment suspended in the air forever.


Behind the Shoot

Autumn I can stretch out for months because of this kind of view.

Through space.  Suspended in a single strand of a spider web.

Autumn leaves falling down like pieces into place and I can picture it after all these days.

También me han dado calabazas... Y lo he superado. No es tan difícil. Cuando alguien te ignora, el 'truqui' es ignorarle/lo. Ahí sí que tendríamos un "ojo por ojo" algo más equilibrado...

AH--pumpkins.they make me smile and evoke Fall sentiment. Buy an extra for Thanksgiving to carve with leaf patterns or a turkey.