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Baby Chewbacca by Salvador Ramirez Madriz (ReevolveR) I can only hope! Babe if it's a baby chewy I won't be mad

6 Gorgeous Disney Ladies As If They Were Oil Portraits

Disney Fine Art: “Ohana Means Family" by Heather Theurer. I love this.one of my all time favorite movies.* Love of Ohana.is special

Frozen Princesses Elsa and Anna Get Artistic Makeovers

Elsa and Anna from the Disney Movie Frozen.seems I drew this a little late.I gonna say,I love the sisters.And my favourite song of the movie is Life's too short(outtake)  from the original sou.

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"Stranger Things was so flippin’ goooood! Stop what you’re doing and binge-watch." - Eleven fan art<<I just finished binge watchin it! So Flippin good, I agree!

Recycle Bin Séries TV

"Mother of Dragons" from "Games of Throne" TV series by Artist Stanley Lau Aka Artgerm.

(The Titan's Curse) Bianca di Angelo, Daughter of Hades. Born: 'Round early in Venice, Italy Death: In Hephaestus's Junkyard. By: Died in a malfunctioning Talos prototype trying to get statue for her brother, Nico di Angelo:

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Love it a Dementor giving away free kisses at a kissing booth, the irony is that they actually suck the happiness out of you.