I'm fang. Hmmmmm Which Maximum ride character are you?

Which Maximum Ride Character Are You?

This is my very first quiz, so please don't judge! Are you sweet Angel? Or maybe brave Max?

Dear dylan. I hate you

Actually I feel bad for him because he was programmed to be with her, and he had to watch Fang take what he was told was his.

Max and Fang

You got admit that if the Cats Eye Chronicle were modern teen story, I can imagine Crash and Sora will be like this.

Iggy- My fave character BTW, JS. Along with Max!

Iggy+Ella= Well that pretty much explains half of the maximum ride fan base.

fang pictures for maximum ride | Fang doesnt even know!!!!! - Maximum Ride Photo (19785463) - Fanpop ...

Fang & Max - Maximum Ride, i really need to finish that manga series!

Maximum Ride - Fang by ~bookworm16016 on deviantART

I love chapter 47 in the book of Maximum Ride ~Fang belongs to James Patterson~ Maximum Ride - Fang

-britt315. Max and Fang. I like to pretend these books ended before the second epilogue of the sixth one

Fang and Max, from the Maximum Ride book series. I read those books years ago! But I remember really loving Max and Fang! Fang and Max © James Patterson