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Make A Fox Mask

This easy dress-up idea and fox mask with FREE printable will transform your child into Fantastic Mr Fox for Book Week or dress-up days.

How the Puppets from Fantastic Mr. Fox Were Made [Slide Show] -

How the Puppets from Fantastic Mr. Fox Were Made [Slide Show]

Concept art for "Fantastic Mr. Fox" by Félicie Haymoz- Never saw the movie, never really cared to, but I love concept art, and this is no exception.

Handmade Red Fox Mask Woodland Fox Mask Festival by CuriousFair

*** As Seen On Made In Chelsea! *** A beautiful, bespoke red fox mask handcrafted using real feathers, dried flowers and other natural materials,

No you're not. You're Disloyal.

You're Disloyal" I decided to show my love of one of my favorite movies ever and make a patch for Ash! Fox patches just let me know which character you would like and I would love to make a line of them.

Fantastic Mr.Fox

How the Puppets from Fantastic Mr. Fox Were Made [Slide Show]


Kristofferson, Fantastic Mr Fox, Wes Anderson My favourite character because I can relate to him :)

Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009), director Wes Anderson

Beautiful Wes Anderson Character Illustrations

We haven’t met a Wes Anderson tribute we could refuse. Colombian artist Alejandro Giraldo, who we learned about on Boing Boing, hit our sweet spot with his illustrated ode to the quirky characters of filmmaker Wes Anderson.

Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roald Dahl is a funny story of a fox. Our Fantastic Mr. Fox Teacher Guide includes activities such as vocabulary and character mapping!

Fox - Summary: Create a Summary Storyboard graphic organizer for Fantastic Mr. Fox depicting the beginning, middle, and end.