Cool nails from CHANEL, who wouldn't want to SPORT These NAILS, Deb in Portland OREGON USA.

40+ Examples of Feather Nail Art

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I’ve been seeing tons of tumbles, tweets & pics on instagram with feather hair extensions and feather nails lately. so I decided to give it a try myself.  #NAILS

How To Do Nail Art At Home?

Gold feather nail art on black nails. O Spa Kelowna, En Vogue Gel Nails and Lac Sensation Manicures

Pretty easy to do actually. Use a matte finish on the undercoat to make the gold feathers pop. I painted one nail purple with a single, large gold feather to off set the black/gold combo. Black/gold nails had small feathers. Love this design.

Nail day!

I would get all white or black and the accent nail would be the white nail with the feather in black and gold.

Fall themed nail art with gold glitter coupled with leaf details in black polish.

60 Glitter Nail Art Designs

Pink Base with Feathers and Glitter Nail Art. Very pretty! I have to say, I am really into this feather design.

Easy Feather Nail Art Designs  - Whether you’ve heard about this nail art design or not, it’s not too enigmatic for you to figure out. Actually, it’s a design implying painting�... -  zaaaaa .

36 Easiest Feather Nail Art Designs

Feather nail art - 40 Examples of Feather Nail Art

40+ Examples of Feather Nail Art

Feather nail art - 40 Examples of Feather Nail Art