Frugal Summer Fun Ideas: Summer Theme Week Ideas.  Great list so we will never be bored!  Lots of ideas linked in the post as well.

Abolish summer boredom with Summer Theme week ideas. Have a different theme each week of the summer and it will be memorable.


60 Day Blog Challenge

well, a list of journaling can choose to write responses as lists or pick some lists & others as written entries.

A Blogger's Guide to National Days.....there's a "National" day happening just about every single prepared and plan your editorial calendar easily! Perfect for bloggers, writers, and everyone!

A Blogger's List of National Days

Let's just say France is on my list of places so all the usual suspects are on that list of things to see.

My European Bucket List

bucket list: visit the louvre DONE! (trip after high school graduation.the Mona Lisa is truly a sight to behold)

10+ things to buy from Amazon before your Disneyland trip - DLR Prep School

10+ Things to Buy from Amazon Before Your Disneyland Trip

Photo a day challenge.  Each day describes a different picture to take. Except I'll do this in 2015, not 2012

Beach Cottage Photo Journalling A Photo A Day Challenge

Photo A Day Challenge - seems like a fun idea. Might mix this up a bit and do a challenge for the kids in the month they were born! They will have a whole birthday month of fun pictures of them.

Pack for a Ski Trip

Pack for a Ski Trip (hej doll)

A few weeks ago I was in a market when I came across a sign that said "National Pie Day". While this would bring most people joy, I was genuinely upset. How did I not know it was National Pie Day?! could I miss that? I LOVE PIE. Unfortunately, this is not the first time something like this has happened to me. (I actually feel like it happens a lot.) I am on instagram or something and I see all these pictures of delicious looking (we will use Ice Cream for the purpose of this…

Food Holiday Round Up

Food Holiday Round Up A few weeks ago I was in a market when I came across a sign that said \"National Pie Day\". While this would bring m.

28 Days, 28 Bags ~ A Decluttering Challenge....hmmm well some I can take off no kids and no pets

28 Days, 28 Bags ~ A Decluttering Challenge.hmmm well some I can take off no kids and no pets ( I figure since I don't have some of these, I can take a couple of extra days on each of them!

amsterdam bucket list

Ultimate Amsterdam Bucketlist! Netherlands (Holland

The ultimate Amsterdam bucketlist: where to eat, drink and shop and EVERYTHING you should see in the Venice of the North.

Month of Meals On A Budget | March 2015 Meal Plan with FREE Printable Grocery List | 31 Days of Dinners for $166

31 Days of Kid-Friendly Dinners Including FREE Printable Recipes, Menu Plan and Grocery Lists with A Bonus Christmas Roast Beef Dinner Menu and Grocery List

Take a little Weekend Getaway to Boston with the Amtrak Downeaster! What to see and do in just a couple days in one of the best cities in the country!

Amazing short trip when I went there for work purposes. My hosts filled my spare time touring Boston and I can't say enough wonderful things about the area!