Fed Up

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I Am Fed Up With Your Lies And Cheating

If the words don’t add up, it’s usually because the truth wasn’t included in the equation. I can't stand a liar! Or someone who talks shit behind your back! LOL your friends tell me!

Tired. Exhausted. Fed up. Spent.... go do whatever you want, bro. . . . . #CiciB #thecrimsonkiss #writersofig

And if you have to do all that, chances are that THEY don't care. So move on and don't look back.it'll be the best decision you ever make.

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feeling fed up with how people treat you, sometimes it's not the things we do for someone matters but how serious and hard it can be

I love hard, so my feelings die slow. But once I stop caring, you'll never get that back. | When you're finally fed up...

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It is never too late to make the Right Move!

"Fed up" is an uncomfortable place to be, but thankfully it's usually the best place a person can be in order to decide to make and commit to a big change for the better. So in a way, it's great to get fed up. just don't stay there.

~ SweetzThoughts

This is exactly how I am at the moment. I'm in the process to bettering myself, getting myself fit and healthy, and Pursuing my dreams and ambitions.

Time and time again, I caught stupidity being w you, thanks for giving me the clarity back. 333

If you keep telling someone that you will do something or treat someone better over and over again eventually that person will get fed up with it and will give up on that relationship.