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I know you're tired, i'm here to help you. You're not alone. You will be okay. You're way stronger than you even know.

Depression and the Holiday Season

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It kills me every time i think of her... Because i love her still... so much... and i hate to say it but to me she is so worth it. but I know i cant have her. I ruined us... - Maybe you are smiling but within your heart is broken ...when will you smile having a happy heart again? The answers are here http://www.psychicinstantmessaging.co.uk/pimpin8

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You have to be at your strongest when you're feeling at your weakest. Inspirational Quote about strength

Molly and Ronan talking about school life. Ronan says its hard for friends to accept him for who he is. More music less football. Says its painful.

You don't know pain until you're staring at yourself in the mirror with tears in your eyes, begging yourself to just hold on and be strong. THAT is pain.

50 Cheating Quotes To Help Heal Your Broken Heart

it really is my biggest problem when i know you are scared to sya what is on your mind and i understand where your coming frm but it is turture to just lead me on like this ~ emily whitley

I feel broken inside and I just can't believe I'll ever feel any differently. I don't know how to heal myself. I try but just when I think I'm getting somewhere, it disappears like sand through my fingers. Will I ever feel whole again? Life has worn me down so much, I just don't know anymore. What keeps me going? I truly don't know Xx ❤❤

This describes me. Fake smiles and always feeling lost.

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whitelightmoment: “ Six word story ”…

Fool me once shame on you. | "Today I realized, you don't care anymore. And then I realized, you probably never did anyways. And the saddest part of it all is that you made me believe you did."

25 Heart-Wrenching Quotes For When It's Time To Walk Away (For Good)

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All things can be forgiven, however, it may be impossible to ever regain trust, and without it there is no possibility of a meaningful relationship.

I'm a paradox - http://themindsjournal.com/im-a-paradox/***i have never craved attention in my whole life, because when i want it i can get it, so there is no craving ever. And im not a paradox, u just fail to understand me. Its quite easy if u have a brain and LISTEN

I'm a paradox

Looks like she got all that she needed and wanted out of me just to destroy another person that she was jealous of- but not really- the loser is the user- Not the one who fell for the fakery and lies- Users fake friendships to get what they want from you -sad and shameful to say the least

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Yes, I stay up late at night just thinking about different ways we could still be together and how one decision can change everything, but I'm getting better. I don't spend hours thinking about you, I spend a mere ten minutes deciding if your someone I should waste my night thoughts about. Everytime it's a no, but I do it anyways. I've tried being friends or even aquatints with you, but you always have an excuse. No more thoughts should run through my brain tonight

Some nights, I wish a breathed my last breathe.