Rose with 'strength' stem by Banul

63 Fabulous Feminine Tattoo Design Ideas

** ex libris Rose with 'strength' stem by Banul ( I would love to do this with my husband's name and the flower to be a Gerber daisy. The first flower he ever got me!

Shoulder Cap Tattoo Flower Shoulder Tattoo Botanical Tattoo ...

love this placement. maybe a little bit more on the shoulder cap and less on the back, but still covered by a short sleeve shirt

Nice >> Feminine tattoos are as badass as they're stylish, and it's by no means too late to ...

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22 tiny foot tattoos that will make you want to wear sandals all year round

Decorative Chain Finger Tattoo Design.

50 Beautiful Finger Tattoo for Women

Delicately Draped - Stunning Floral Tattoos That Are Beautifully Soft And Feminine - Photos

Delicately Draped

Delicately Draped - The added detail of the fine chain takes this floral tattoo to the next level.Image via


Spring is upon us, and summer isn't far behind it, meaning floral printed everything is officially necessary, and that includes tattoos as well. Saved for position idea on back.