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21 Great Garden Gate Ideas

Wooden Gate - West University Place, Texas I'm feelin' the inspiration.love this design, but with an arched top to the gate rather than an Asian influence.

Wood Fence Gates | Creative Fences & Deck | Portland, OR | Wood and Iron Gates

Dress up your entryways with dramatic wood and iron gates. Possibly tie in upper level of privacy fence to garage area.

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Driveway Gate - Split (for a side yard access would be great) Collecting ideas for the gate & fence that I intend to do this August.

More beautiful garden gates, driveway gates, fences and decks. Worth looking at if you appreciate good design.

15 DIY How to Make Your Backyard Awesome Ideas 5

Not the color, but the look of this gate

Prowell Woodworks' Premier Garden Gate - B loves this chunky craftsman style. Looks like the gates he has built.

TwoFeetFirst – How to Build a Simple Gate Pergola

How to Build a Fence Pergola

Pergola gate on wood fence. To enter backyard and from backyard to bike path. Grow climatis on 😍

These easy-to-build DIY fence gate designs grant privacy and protection while still enhancing your home

DIY Fence Gate - 5 Ways to Build Yours

5 ways to DIY your garden gate - DIY Fence Gate - Horizontal Wood Slat Gate

Gate with Doggie Window                                                                                                                                                     More                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Gate with Doggie Window.love the gate minus the doggie window.prefer having the privacy.

I'm still on the fence about unweathered cedar, but this is a beautiful design.

Possible look for our gate to the backyard - smaller scale though. Would love a vine on it.

Herringbone cedar gate with lattice and pergola top.  Snug Cottage hardware.  Supplied and installed by Lanark Cedar

Unique gate design with modern gate brace, supplied and installed by Lanark Cedar.