Touchdown! Serve up your favorite KRAFT dips in style by constructing this impressive Snack Stadium. #sponsored Such an amazing presentation!  My kids will love helping to put this together for the game (I mean, commercials ;)

Serve up Touchdown! Serve up your favorite KRAFT dips in style by constructing this impressive Snack Stadium. Add your favorite dippers like carrots cherry tomatoes baguette slices red and green peppers chips crackers and cucumbers.

Color Wheel

Color Therapy: A Holistic Approach to Home Decorating

On this page you'll find What is Colour Explore the seven chakra colors and learn about their gifts and challenges What is an Aura? The Aura and The 7 Major Chakras Map of Hand & Connection to.

Lavender field in Shoreham, Kent, England I just love the colour of these lavender fields.

Beautiful Landscape photography : Castle Farm lavender harvest in Shoreham Kent England photo: Nigel Morton

Samuelle Couture | Jose Villa | I can't stay away from this photo-shoot. So ethereal and Grecian.

Grecian Wedding Dresses

Swimming Hole, Samoa, South Pacific | An incredibly special natural pool in Samoa. It’s an actual gigantic swimming hole located in a little village called Lotofaga. The spot itself was formed by a lava blast and you can go there and spend the day floating about in the turquoise water.

To Sua Ocean Trench - Tosua literally means a Giant Swimming Hole. 30 meters deep and is accessible via a long ladder to the pool.Overlooking the ocean is a beach called Fagaoneone meaning white sand whereas opposite is a lava field with blow hole, tide p

Don't let the skirts fool you. We are tough and can take a hit. Field Hockey is amazing.

Rain Green: Verizon FiOS Play Like A Girl Contest Winner!

Our first night together will be Elysian. I want to spend Christmas with you. It will be the one where God gave me you. I will remember it for a thousand lifetimes because that's how long we'll be together. Forever. This is a Forever thing you don't give up something like that. Ever.

Save this for next time your lover asks you how he/she looks. ‘My dear, you are simply elysian’, will make them weak at the knees. Perfect death Greek highest degree of glory

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Memorial Day Poppy & Poem Make them into pins for the kids to wear Supplies: Red Paper Sharpie Scissors Glue Safety Pins Poem: Print on a ribbon?

Did you know? Back in the day, equestrians often didn't have time to greet and speak with all the other riders before a foxhunt... so they put ribbons in their horses' tails to communicate what...

Do You Know What The Different Ribbon Colors Mean? Equestrians for many generations have used colored ribbons in their horses' tail to communicate with other riders. Learn the ribbon color meanings, so that you too can be an informed equestrian.

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10 Essential Tips for Writing a Business Proposal

NONE of my clients are like this but I had to share it :) Customer Behavior - The Wonderful World of Difficult Clients [Infographic] : MarketingProfs Article.

We cherish too, the Poppy red  That grows on fields where valor led,   It seems to signal to the skies    That blood of heroes never dies.

Storytime Standouts looks at a Remembrance Day resource for young children, A Poppy Is to Remember by Heather Patterson and Ron Lightburn

Sweet Magnolias Farm: Dreamland .... Another day ..Another Life ...

Rustic wedding flower arrangement with wild daisies and other wildflowers. Perfect for a bouquet or centerpiece in your country wedding.