17 Of My Best Fine Hair Care Tips

Tips to care for fine hair. Bite sized tips to help care for fine natural hair including how to low manipulation style and deep condition.

Why have I never heard of 'Lush'? Natural hair care products for thin/fine hair? Yes please!

One of the secrets of revitalizing limp, thin hair starts at the scalp. This mint oil-packed treatment stimulates hair at the roots while honey and extra virgin olive oil softens without adding weight.

protein for fine natural hair  -  Types of Protein                                                                                                                                                     More

Why use protein on fine natural hair and types of protein. Strengthening fine hair for length retention and the protein sensitivity myth.

Styling fine natural hair can be a particularly challenging task. We consulted licensed Cosmetologist Amina Rashaad for advice on how to style fine, low density hair.

How To Style Fine Natural Hair

Knowing your hair’s porosity will help you make better product purchasing decisions. So here I outline what to do if you have low porosity natural hair.

10 tips for fine curly hair... Closest to my hair type that I've seen thus far.

10 Tips for Fine Curly Hair

Forget the 3a, 4a hair typing system as it doesn't really help you look after your hair. Here's the hair type chart that really matters.

The Only Hair Type Chart That Really Matters

The only hair type chart that matters infographic- Hmmm What do you think? By the way, my low porosity hair is fine with medium weight even though it is. The only hair type chart that matters.