OMG!!! HAHA I totally love this! LOL

I Will Never Look At Firemen The Same After Seeing This. Seriously, Everyone Needs To See This

Protection This is an example of protection because the firefighters uniform protects them from fire and heat.

I unfortunately know more then one of these people

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They need to have one with the caption "Trying to have a nice date with your girlfriend? Let me play you the song of my people!" FireFighters and their loved ones .you know this song! this is so true

FireFighter Humor. Some of these are veryy provocative!! Haha

A firemans pole from the upstairs to the downstairs. Can also double as a dancing pole too.

Last unit all I copied was a squelch, and now that I have gone deaf..... Lol

squelch is a noise you hear through a phone or radio when is too close to another radio or cellular device.

Fire fighter humor

Pinner says: Wonderful photo! Thank you to all the professional and volunteer firefighters! My dad was a volunteer firefighter. God Bless The Kind Hearted!

Firefighter version of "The Talk" Now that's pretty funny!

Firefighter version of "The Talk" Now that's pretty funny! Bahahahaha I can see this happening!

Firefighter Humor #firetruck #funny MUST be our Ladder Truck !!! LOL JBC

Funny pictures about Fire Truck Announcement. Oh, and cool pics about Fire Truck Announcement. Also, Fire Truck Announcement photos.

Firefighter humor!

The ultimate supplier of fire department clothing, apparel, gear, hats, jackets and all kinds of customized items specifically for the Fire Department.

How fire hydrants work...                                                                                                                                                                                 More

How fire hydrants work…

Funny pictures about How fire hydrants work. Oh, and cool pics about How fire hydrants work. Also, How fire hydrants work.