Snakes! A 4th of July thing...Mom considered it safe enough for us to play with these without adult supervision.

Firework Snakes - There were always black marks on our sidewalk where we lit these every of July. Loved stomping these when they were done.

A little firecracker turns one at this 4th of July party, complete with a mini fireworks stand! See more party ideas at!

4th of July Party / 4th of July "Happy Birthday, America!"

Sparklers - Before the world was too safe, they made these. A sharp metal stick that shot sparks. You threw the red hot sparkler in the grass once it was spent & a few minutes later you'd step on it and burn your foot, ruining the rest of your night....every year.

Vintage Sparklers - a bit of magic. Way better than today's "safe" ones!

Firework Stands, Fireworks

cute 4th of july decoration

Creative Summer Ideas {A Sneak Peek at Some Part Features

Bottle Rocket Under Ice

Bottle Rocket Under Ice

Funny pictures about Bottle Rocket Under Ice. Oh, and cool pics about Bottle Rocket Under Ice. Also, Bottle Rocket Under Ice photos.