Perfect First Kiss as Husband and Wife

Fresh and Fun San Diego Wedding in Peach and Green

How awesome is this wedding picture!

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First kisses are the best. Find that person that can kiss you over and over and make it feel like your first kiss every time

Photo (by haley.)

Ahhh that first kiss I remember. But the one that knocked me back and made me remember how much I loved him, happened in November ❤️ It was the sweetest, softest, most passionate kiss. Still gives me chills. We both felt that we still loved each other.

"I'll be back soon." I smile even though it hurt knowing I won't see her again "Okay." Lola laughs I lean in to kiss her she stiffens and her eyes flutter i became to notice she does that when she's excited. Why do I have to loose her?

Pin for Later: The Sexiest TV Moments of 2014 Star-Crossed Emery (Aimee Teegarden) and Grayson (Grey Damon) are pretty cute. Too bad Star-Crossed got the boot.

Mistletoe Kiss - Froyle Park Winter Wedding by Stylish Wedding Photography

A Froyle Park Winter Wedding shot by Paul Tansley @ Stylish Wedding Photography - Unobtrusive, Documentary Wedding Photographer - Surrey & beyond.

Really want this, especially for the CEREMONY! Nothing like a guest ruining the first kiss shot sticking out in the isle with their phone!

Pink Beach Wedding by Vue Photography

--Ojos mas belllos si ven bien. Controlate cada año. Lee en nuestro blog " sindrome de vision computarizada" y otros---

We r 2 innocent souls lost in this world when all we ask for is true love and understanding. When stress n troubles bother you; this is exactly how I want to calm your steaming brain dear sapio!

Officiant not in the first kiss picture

Take your "first kiss" photo without the officiant in the background

Valentine's Gifts on Etsy Pebble Art Pebble Pictures

Pebble Art Pictures, It Started with a Kiss, Valentine's Gift, Pebble Art, Pebble Picture

A pebble couple sharing their first kiss makes a perfect Valentines gift and as an added romantic bonus for Valentines Day Ill add a sea glass heart to this picture. Set inside a x glazed box frame in either black or white.

Awesome First Kiss | J Photography by Jessi Caparella | Barn Wedding | |

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Adorable first kiss as husband and wife also love the grooms tuxes at my wedding // J Photography

Wedding Decor Using Wooden Palette, Fairy Lights & Polaroids of Guests

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The perfect rustic-boho theme for a winter family get-together - display your photos on a wooden pallet, tied to a wooden ladder to provide a large easel. Add twine, lights & clothes pins to attach the pictures.