Our new and improved Fix A Bra is absolutely FAB! We have pumped up the adhesive .This adhesive sticks to various fabrics and textures. FAB's are awesome for patching underwire breakthroughs, blouses that are gaping, cushions areas of discomfort in shoes and small holes in clothing. We have also created an amazing package that gives our product so much personality. Open the FAB package and you are greeted with a pleasant surprise by artist Mari Robeson. Mari was commissioned to create a…

Just Released! New & Improved Fix A Bra (Nude) Patch Underwire Breakthroughs now with super strong adhesive moleskin patches.

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How to Resize a Bra

How to Resize a Bra - Learn how to fix a bra with this easy bra hacks tutorial. Make your bras fit perfectly!

New & Improved Fix A Bra (Nude) - FIx A Bra

New & Improved Fix A Bra (Nude) - FIx A Bra

Fix A Bra moleskin patches :) no more protruding wire pain come in nude too :)

Fix A Bra moleskin patches :) no more protruding wire pain come in nude too :)

Invention to Fix a Bra’s Underwire When it Pops Out

They are for fixing underwires that have popped out.

Fix a Bra: super adhesive patches that quickly fix those pesky times when the underwire of your favorite bra rips through. Only $3.99 for a pack of 30.

How to Repair An Underwire Bra

Fix A Bra "FAB Tabs" the fastest way to fix an underwire breakthrough! Buy now and save your favorite bras! Black and Nude

Bras start to get loose over time, mostly the straps and the bands. Here is a…

Learn How To Refashion A Bra

How to refashion or fix a bra band. A great tutorial to prevent you from throwing out your old bras

Like the top length and style!, also how it hugs the hips. Love the bright pink color

Solid Cut Out Shoulder Half Sleeve Stylish Blouse -Bright magenta Clothing Length : Regular - Collar : O-Neck - Pattern Type : Solid - Material : Polyester - Style : Fashion - Sleeve Length : Half - Sleeve Style :