I don’t know if this is true for everyone, but for us, little kids = scratched DVDs.  I know, we should be better about keeping them out of their reach, and we did REALLY good on this with the first two kids. But now we have 4 kids.  And lots of scratched DVDs. So last …

How To Get Scratches Out Of DVDs/CDs: Bananas? Toothpaste? Wax? Which Methods Really Work

How to get rid of those scratches on your dvds/cds. "Kit Scratch Out" is around the same price as the “official” DVD/CD scratch remover, but has times MORE product in it!

Home Remendies to fix DVD scratches

Unable to play DVDs smoothly for scratches? Fix scratched DVD right now! This article introduces you top easy ways to remove scratches from DVD according to the degree of DVD damage.

I just rubbed a little crest on the DVD, rinsed with water and dried with soft cloth.  Amazing!   How to fix DVD scratches with toothpaste

How to Use Toothpaste to Remove Scratches

Fix scratch, freezing, and skipping CDs and DVDs with toothpaste. Put a few drops on the disc, enough to cover but not be really goopy. Use your fingers to buff the disc until the toothpaste is partly dry and feels tacky. Put pressure on the rubbing so it is rubbed in really well. Rinse well with warm water (toothpaste comes off easily). Pat dry with a soft cloth.

Revive scratched DVD’s/CD’s (and save your sanity!)

Scratches on discs happen. After one of our favorite DVDs started to skip after receiving a few too many scratches we started to look for a solution to salvage it. Sure there are DVD scratch removal devices that you can buy, but why waste money when there is a solution to be found right in our own homes? Using toothpaste, a banana, a rag and window cleaner we will show you how to remove scratches from a DVD and with any luck the unplayable will become playable.

How To Remove DVD Scratches With a Banana

MOM Tip: How to Remove DVD Scratches With a  #247moms

MOM Tip: How to remove DVD Scratches with a Banana via Moms // Have you ever tried removing scratches from your DVDs with a banana? Maddi has ruined many DVDs

How to Fix a DVD That Skips | Budget Savvy Diva - I hope this works.  Rudolf kept skipping near the end last night.

Put 4 dots of toothpaste along the back of the DVD. Spread out the dots with your fingers until the toothpaste becomes dry and sticky. Rinse the DVD in warm water, gently rubbing off the toothpaste from centre to outside

how to remove scatches from cds

Simple Way to Fix Scratched CDs and DVDs

How to Remove Scratches From Any DVD. Remove scratches from your favourite DVDs with a few household items, including peanut butter and toothpaste!

apparently toothpaste rubbed on a DVD will get rid of scratches (and skips) Gotta try it.

fix DVD scratches,.gunna see if this works Austin decided to go skating on my DVDs

Scratched DVDs etc All you need is KIDS toothpaste & clean soft towel. Dot on toothpaste. Rub in circles applying pressure until the toothpaste starts to feel too dry and sticky to rub anymore. Pressure wise -kind of buffing scratches out of the plastic so you need to have a moderate amount of pressure.Then rinse off in warm water, rubbing gentle to get off all the sticky,Next pat DVD dry with soft towel

Scratched dvds and cds lying around your house? The best solution to repairing them is CHILDREN'S TOOTHPASTE! Normal toothpaste is too abr.

Gently rub in toothpaste all over the scratched areas of your CD or DVD. Let sit for 5 or so minutes then wash it clean with cold water. This will fix most minor scratches.

How to Repair a CD With Toothpaste. When CDs were released, they were advertised as "indestructible. While you can buy commercial CD repair kits to fix these fragile objects, it turns out there's an.

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Another pinned said: "I just did this and it WORKS! Not once did it skip!!! And it was a bad DVD before hand."

Use Kid's Crest toothpaste to repair scratched DVDs, CDs, etc. Pinner says: "I just did this and it WORKS! Not once did it skip! And it was a bad DVD before hand.