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Law of Mother Earth sees Bolivia pilot new social and economic model based on protection of and respect for nature.

Ecuadorian Loyalty Twitter/elnomad - #onlyinECUADOR

Al says Medellin is now home and if you are scared to come to Colombia, don't be. He says he feels safer living in Colombia than he did in Atlanta, Georgia.

As we look the meaning of the Scottish flags,we must also include The Lion Rampant or the Royal Standard of Scotland (or Coat of Arms). Description from I searched for this on

Meaning of the Scottish flags, the saltire and the Lion Rampart or Rampant and photos of other symbols such as the Celtic Cross, thistle and heather

CYPRUS human face painted with flag of cyprus

CYPRUS human face painted with flag of cyprus

Spain flag

This is another picture from Spain, showing the support of a child for the Real Madrid soccer team. You could put this picture on the board and have students guess what it means, and then talk about how soccer is a very big part of Spain's lifestyle.

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Wow, that's some great face painting. and very patriotic! My kids would love Australian flag faces this Australia Day :)

Vanuatu flag face painting.

Picture of Human face painted with flag of Vanuatu stock photo, images and stock photography.

Israel flag face

Dinasti Rothschild dan Kekejaman Zionisme (Bag. 1)

Israel turns Celebrate Israeli Independence Day with 66 Israeli heroes sharing a powerful message! Am Yisrael Chai!