Why am I now all of a sudden sexually attracted to a fox

Fnaf One-Shot Lemons - Foxy's Knot

The Most Majestic Locations People Have Caught Pokémon Ok, sorry to say but, theyre tHE SAME PERSON IF NOT THEYRE RELATED!! They have the same/arm/leg/whatever. And Mangles a boy, Scott himself said it in FNAF World. AND Funtime Foxy is a BOY since in the Custom Night in Sister Location it says ...HE... Not her, he.

animatronic canine duo female five_nights_at_freddy's fox glowing glowing_eyes machine male mammal mangle_(fnaf) nightmare_foxy_(fnaf) robot video_games xnirox

FNAF- Foxy by living-in-a-small-world on Polyvore featuring Belleza, Forever 21, Chi Chi, VILA, Converse, Salvatore Ferragamo, fivenightsatfreddy and LIASW

So first I was gonna be Agnes from Despicable me, then I decided on a Creeper from Minecraft, but now I'm thinking a fnaf character.

trans-mangle: “ NEW FNAF WORLD TRAILER!!!! ”

trans-mangle: “ NEW FNAF WORLD TRAILER!!!! ”