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20|13 ... #ThankYouSirAlexFerguson

REVEALED: How Fergie choked up in the canteen as he told his stunned stars (and the tea ladies) his 27-year reign was over

Sir Bobby Charlton, c. 1961.

Manchester United footballer Bobby Charlton in his club strip aged about 24 Circa 1961

United made it three in a row again after a 0-0 draw with Arsenal. It was Ronaldos final game for the club at Old Trafford

GALLERY: United's 20 Title Wins In Pictures

Ronaldo simply the best in the world. 3 different teams and leagues proving that he is a calibre player not built or made by a team

Wayne Rooney of Manchester United

My favorite sport to watch is soccer. This is actually my favorite player Wayne Rooney on my favorite team Manchester United.

David Beckham takes a free-kick during @manutd's match with Middlesbrough at Old Trafford in 2002.

Christian Eriksen has lit up this season with his deadly set-pieces, but where does he rank in the best ever free-kick takers in the Premier League?