Archangel Gabriel details in the Annunciation that Fra Angelico painted. The picture expresses the feeling of veneration to the Virgin and its lighting indicates he is a messenger of God.

"Annunciatory Angel" (detail) Circa -- Fra Angelico -- Gold leaf and tempera on wood panel -- Photo courtesy of The Detroit Institute for the Arts.

The Annunciation - Fra Angelico - 1440

Fra Angelico worked at the beginning of the Renaissance, and used perspective in his painting. This Annunciation, is in a cell at the Convent San Marco. The frescoes were painted as a devotional aid.

The Death and the Assumption of the Virgin, about 1432, Fra Angelico, Tempera and gold on wood, 61.8 x 38.5 cm

The Death and the Assumption of the Virgin about 1432 Fra Angelico, Italian, about – 1455 Tempera and gold on wood, x cm Genre: European Art, Paintings Location: Early Italian Room Accession Number:

'Fra Angelico: who contemplated on this fresco for many years in this cell in San Marco, Florence.  ‘In The Annunciation, the interior reproduces that of the cell in which it is located.'

Fra Angelico - View of Cell 3 - Convento di San Marco, Florence

Fra Angelico's "Annunciation" at San Marco in Florence. I saw it in person & no photos do it justice.

Fra Angelico, Annunciation, tempera et or sur bois,

Fra Angelico's Annunciation. Notice how his use of color brings out the details of the story: Adam and Eve in darkness and sin being banished from the Garden of Eden, Mary in her traditional blue, and the Angel Gabriel accented in heavenly gold. (Image credit: Web Gallery of Art)

The Annunciation of Cortona, Main panel of a retable altarpiece. Tempera on panel. For the Church of Gesù, Cortona; now at the Museo Diocesano, Cortona.

Fra Angelico ~ The Last Judgement (detail), c.1425-30

The Last Judgement (Left Side) by Fra Angelico. I totally hate the opposite side to this painting. Praise God for His salvation.