Frank Gehry's sketch of Gehry Residence, Santa Monica, California, 1991    Principles of Design in use: Proportion, Dominance, Contrast, Movement

How Architecture Is Born: 7 Flowing Scribbles by Frank O. Gehry and the Buildings They Inspired

DZ Bank by architect Frank O. Gerhy *BERLIN, Germany*

Top 10 Must-See Buildings Designed by Frank Gehry. Click on the image to see…

Sweet and Spicy Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders

Update 23/10/2015: In the 12 months since Gehry's outburst, the event has been used as the jumping off point for countless articles both criticizing...

Frank Gehry Claims Today’s Architecture is (Mostly) “Pure Shit”

Gallery - Frank Gehry Claims Today’s Architecture is (Mostly) “Pure Shit” - 1

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Image 34 of 34 from gallery of Victor Enrich Transforms Architectural Images Into Optical Illusions. Photograph by Victor Enrich

Dancing House - Vlado Milunić, Frank Gehry - Prague

Nationale-Nederlanden Building ("The Dancing House" or "Fred and Ginger"), Vlado Milunic / Frank Gehry, Prague // anthropomorphic