Frank music

Dave Grohl everybody. This is how you continue a concert, inspire of all the odds/issues. #9Gag

Dave Grohl everybody.

Dave Grohl is a REAL musician for people who love REAL music.

Keyboard with Corresponding Notes on Grand Staff. Scroll down a bit on link until you see the worksheet. Just under the worksheet is a link to the PDF (copy and paste).

Treble/BassCleff - What notes are considered treble's/bass' notes

Tim Curry in "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" w/ Susan Sarandon ~ Classic

How Well Do You Know Rocky Horror Picture Show?

So take THAT people from other fandoms!!!!!!(in case you can't tell, I am virtually giving you the finger.... not really though...)

Andy is honestly amazing for doing that even though he broke 3 ribs!

We need to find this girl

i was supposed to meet Frank Iero but then he got hit by a bUS

Our persistence did not go unnoticed, after the release Frank took to his tumblr to state: “I had the time of my life making all of this. Thank you all. Especially those of you who never let me forget I had to finish. Which is basically everyone of ya’ll. haha. love you” Blonde is currently streaming exclusively …


Our persistence did not go unnoticed, after the release Frank took to his…