“Ellsworth Kelly inspired. His work will always be in my top favourites ”                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Bianca Cash I like the colours in this and love the rough linework. The combination of colours works really nicely, and I like how some of the fruits are left without a fill. I think this works with the subtlety of the blue/lavender.

I like how they are all circle and create somewhat a pattern but also all look different and are printed in different colours and details.

Fruit and Vegetable Collaged Art Art Print

Amy Walters: Summer Fruits and Berries

I like the bright colored fruits. This could easily be used as a label design for a juice. I also like the simplicity.

David Hawson print of peppers

David Hawson print of peppers include recipes you find along the way as well

print & pattern: KIDS DESIGN - bluezoo

It is the end of our kids fashion prints week here on P&P and we go out with a colourful splash from Debenhams children's label 'Bluezoo' .

we could screen print t-shirts in a range of sizes and then put a voucher in the VIP gift bags to collect a printed t-shirt so they can select their size

Summer T-shirt Design: The Printsome Hot Tips

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