Fruit slice cakes 8a 600x900

Slice Into One of These 50 Baby Shower Cakes and Celebrate!

Fruit Slice Cakes |

Fruit Slice Cakes

Jell-O Fruit Slices #recipe - Beautiful to look at and delicious to eat - this dessert is fun, fun fun! Best of all, it's 3-ingredient easy. Tap or click photo for recipe.

Jell-O Fruit Sices Recipe - Beautiful to look at and delicious to eat - this dessert is fun +alcohol

Gingery Christmas fruitcake topped with marzipan, royal icing, sugared cranberries, rosemary and bay leaves, dried orange slices, pine cones and whole spices  - Domestic Gothess

Gingered Christmas Fruitcake With Rustic Decorations

Healthy Festival Of Organic Food and Fitness In London. Love Natural Love Organic Olympia, London

Love Natural Love Organic Welcomes All Health Nuts

Dennis Wojtkiewicz makes amazingly realistic paintings of fruit slices.

I found this set of images very unique in how they use an implied background light in order to show the texture of the slices.

Fruit Slice Candy Boats from Made to be a Momma

Fruit Slice Candy Boats

Rice Cake Animals! A fun and healthy snack for kids and toddlers made with rice cakes, peanut butter and fruit | My Fussy Eater blog

Rice Cake Animals

Mini Christmas Cake recipe

Baked Bean Tin Christmas Cake - great for Christmas hampers!

Fruit Colourific  #Luxurydotcom

Ohio artist, Dennis Wojtkiewicz explores the sensitive nature of time in his oversized oil paintings of fruit and flowers.

Image Sourceawesome tips and tricks the kids will love!!

Neopolitan Ice Cream CUBES for summer! Keep your milk cold!

Fruit Palm Trees and Fruit Slices on display table

Fruit Palm Trees and Fruit Slices on display table

dried citrus wheels, dried lemons, dried limes, dried oranges, for cocktails, decorations, pot-pourri

Dehydrated Citrus Wheels

I like how they are all circle and create somewhat a pattern but also all look different and are printed in different colours and details.

Fruit and Vegetable Collaged Art Art Print

I love Mary Berry, especially her cake recipes and I inherited some of her cookbooks from my late mum.

Mary Berry: easy fruit cake

i like the idea of cutting the fruit up and putting it together like this it is something i might do with unit 5 task 1

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