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Hold on there's something different. I went to that tanning place your wife suggested. Was that place the sun? Chandler and ross

Funniest Friends moment, ever!

Friends: "Ross is doing his 'watching tv' bit." (LoL I always thought this was creepy!

honestly love this show!!♥️♥️

honestly love this show!!♥️♥️

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When the rest of the group is listening from inside Monica’s bedroom, Chandler uses the word “cheat” to describe what Ross did.

gladys or glynnis. This was one of my favorite episodes. I love those weird pictures. Phoebe. Friends

13 Decorating Lessons We Learned From 'Friends"

the outtakes of this are just as hilarious as the real scene. jennifer aniston can't keep it together

Bagpipe Phoebe is Bagpipe Awesome..

One of my favorite episodes - my mom and I used to cry laughing during this scene :)

Not the usual Bernadette = can't remember if I've 'pinned' this before or not . . .  but LOL

Not the usual Bernadette

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