40 Funny School Campaign Slogans, Ideas and Posters

These are some creative, memorable and hilarious slogans, posters, memes and ideas for your school campaign. Whether you are running for class president, vice

"Omg Donald trump is gonna be a dictator!!!!!1!1" "wants Darth Vader to be president" i mean, they're democrats for sure

I don't agree with Darth Vader for president but the pun

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Give the best student council speech of your life, using a compelling narrative and smart tactics.

Gotta remember this for next year if the siblings run for student council

25 Hilarious Student Council Campaign Poster IdeasCheck the Box

I saw this on Facebook and I just love it. (Excuse the language but this could not be more true.)

Even well meaning, is still what it is. As if tatas were an entity of their own. It sends the wrong msg, help save women from breast cancer

25 Hilarious Student Election Posters | Complex

25 Hilarious Student Election PostersFree Drinks

Live is complicated, Ikea is simple #ad

Cute Illustrations Show How Complicated Love Is Made Simpler With IKEA Products

Very simple campaign. Fits Ikea's look and gets the point across with a good tone. Love is complicated, Ikea is simple

Fashion and politics do mix - That's Not My Age

Fashion and politics do mix

Breast Cancer Statistics and Awareness 71 Catchy Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign Slogans

71 Catchy Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign Slogans

Make it a Pink October with Rex Healthcare’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month infographic! At Rex, we know that community education and awareness come first.