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Due to severe wage and budget cuts WalMart has donated 2 new police vehicles to the city. A WalMart spokesperson commented : We are happy to contribute some of our success back into the communities that surround us.

Pure cops ever

Good cops and bad cops. Funny cops and serious cops. Cops are human just like the rest of us. More people need to remember that.

This gave me an idea do I'm putting it on the writing board

This is my friend group only we would all be fighting over who got to be the 'fake' prostitute

these are the same people we entrust with our lives. sleep tight.

Firefighters Pranking Cops

Fire station next door to the police department: pranks ensue

Best police officer   haha UoGuelph taking over pinterest too!

Best police officer

Cop came into my University's library with candy canes shouting "Ho Ho Ho from the Po Po Po" that's actually funny.

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CALL THE COPS#funny #lol #lolzonline

CALL THE COPS#funny #lol #lolzonline

6 Times It Doesn't All Go According To Plan For Highway Cops! #spon - 'When You Pull Over Harry and Lloyd'  We all know what unexpected situation happens next... "Tic-Tac Sir?"

6 Times It Doesn't All Go According To Plan For Highway Cops

Its a cardigan, but thanks for noticing! Favorite line from the movie!

hot police officer funny pic

10 Funny Cops Memes #6 "I Don’t Always Dance…"

hot police officer funny pic

How to escape the cops

How to escape the cops This is like a dodgy superman transition