hahaha I have no idea if this is true but it's funny. Wonder what the American's would look like...

Soccer plans. (Football actually)

Funny pictures about Game plans. Oh, and cool pics about Game plans. Also, Game plans photos.

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I remember watching them build that bitch and it sure was funny watching Jerry Jones n Romo have to watch someone else playing first Superbowl in it!

Dolpins Lol

Are You Clueless About Football? Lots of people wish they had the ability to excel at playing football.

Called 49ers can't get past 50

can't get past 50 yard line. If they were playing ultimate frisbee they would be awesome. Come play ultimate y'all!

Would you have a problem with someone else  disciplining your children? Read my thoughts in today's blog here: http://www.kisw.com/pages/11281358.php?pid=430991

Bad Boy Messi: Haruna had to drive the point home the hard way. Messi has been dabbed the worst boy ever and so he needs some discipline.

Cheating again! Deflating footballs!  Can you say "Liar?" Or how about "Asshole?"  You've been given a gift to be able to start the season, but don't think this is over.  They were on to you with your immediate defiance to turn over your phone. You know, the one you threw away ASAP!   It's not over Tommy Boy.  Once a cheater, always a cheater.

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Remember a couple weeks ago when New England Patriots QB Tom Brady was left hanging, looking to give a High Five, but had no takers?

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Defense Wins Championships

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"No honey, you can't be the first girl to play QB for the Cowboys. Tony Romo beat you to it" LOL

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Luiz 'delighted' by Chelsea fixture congestion... because he finds training boring