Shire Horse: "I'm just being tastefully offensive!" (Photo By: Gildid.)

Funny pictures about When A Horse Photobombs You. Oh, and cool pics about When A Horse Photobombs You. Also, When A Horse Photobombs You photos.

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Something Touched My Foot - Horse Goes Flying After Hoof Touches Beach Water ---- LOL! This is me in the ocean, or lake, or river.any kind of water!

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Thought it was a horse door."Oh, DOG bad. but since IT IS a Dog Door. I'll post it to Dog Shaming.

Pretty sure this is photoshopped, but it's still funny!

Ok I smiled at this but why isn't that horse tied? If he can stick his neck out that far he can get his head chopped off by someone passing.

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Make one special photo charms for your pets, compatible with your Pandora bracelets. Funny Animal Picture Dump Of The Day 20 Pics

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23 Funny Horse Pictures That Prove Horses Are Better Than Cats

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Importance of Proper Dental Care -- Great information, and this picture is laugh out loud hilarious!

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Chill out bro…

chill-out-bro-i-got-this-nobody-knows-horsepower-like-i-do.i would never trust a horse with my car.