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End of the School Year funny! Teachers in September vs teachers in June.

26 Pictures That Are Way Too Real For Teachers Going Back To School

Co-op teachers! Lol, nr they're actually really nice, just don't make them mad on a really bad day.

Wow, gotta love school. Let's just use paper chromatography to find out who wrote the note. Real-life forensics, in a little less worrisome situation

Let's just use paper chromatography to find out who wrote the note. Real-life forensics, in a little less worrisome situation<<<omg hilarious

18 Times Tumblr Users Reported Back From the Real World –

Funny pictures about How to troll your teacher. Oh, and cool pics about How to troll your teacher. Also, How to troll your teacher.

...i wish my teachers were that cool...

Getting kicked out of the theater...

Funny pictures about So brilliantly evil. Oh, and cool pics about So brilliantly evil. Also, So brilliantly evil.

Here are some easy ways to use checklists in your classroom. Organize projects, plan better, and manage your time.

Have you read The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande? He proposes that the simple checklist will help streamline complex tasks and red.

This is absolutely beautiful....maybe attempt with a smaller bill first though!

19 Creative Teachers Who Deserve Extra Credit

How to get your class to shut up for the entire period: science teacher edition --- I've done this before, the burning dollar bill

A teacher's face when ... waiting for the copier behind the guy who must be making a dictionary for every kid he teaches.

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Learn English

My science teacher did this and also wrote a bunch of corny jokes around the exam page. It helped me make it through the test<< I wish I had your teacher

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YES. Especially at my school. You can't wear jackets indoors because its against the school rules but its FREEZING. No matter how cold it is, you can't wear a jacket.

Teacher humor.....who can relate to this pic?                                                                                                                                                                                 More

27 Teacher Problems That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

I wish my school was this cool, but then again my teachers randomly turned mamma mia into a pantomime last Christmas and performed it in front of the whole school and the head of maths thought it was James Bond and kept doing spy stuff with a water pistol...

I kinda wanna be a highschool teacher and organize something like this now

The Funniest And Best Teachers In The World. You'll Love Them. @sdkellum please get Matt to do this

Some teachers are bad. Some teachers are good. Some teachers are awesome. And some are just so awesome they catapult into a whole other dimension of awesome. These are those teachers.